​​Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre, affectionately known as FLOT, is interior Alaska’s premier community theater production company.  FLOT is a 501c(3) nonprofit arts association, dedicated to promoting and producing musical theater and arts education.


FLOT was founded on March 18, 1970.  Our original founding board of directors were Marie Powell, Henry Cole, Charles W. Davis, Maj. Lis Keskela, and J. Brian Matthews.  Our first production was HMS Pinafore, presented in October 1970 at the Alaskaland Civic Center (now known as Pioneer Park).


Since 1970, there have been many who have stepped up to help us grow over the years as an organization.  Fifty-one years later, we're still going strong as one of Fairbanks’ leading theatrical companies.  FLOT offers three types of musical productions:


FLOT MAIN STAGE:  Family-friendly material; wholesome, well-known, classic shows from Broadway, film & TV;

  • Great entertainment for the whole family 

  • Large or medium mixed cast (adults and children)

  • Often set in an older time period

  • Traditional family values

  • Romantic or comedic theme

  • Lots of singing and dancing

  • Clean language 


FLOT AFTER DARK:  Adult material; newer, less-known, bawdy, sexy, irreverent and/or controversial shows;

  • Great 'date night' activity for mature adults (these shows are not appropriate for kids) 

  • Small or medium-sized adult cast

  • Content warning!

  • Explicit language, crude humor, sexual innuendo, drug references, or violence

  • Geared toward a younger, hip, open-minded audience, age 21+

  • May take place in an alcohol-friendly venue, with a cash bar and TAPS-certified bartenders


FLOT JR.: Kid-friendly material; shortened versions of wholesome, well-known, classic shows from Broadway, film & TV;

  • Great entertainment for families with young children

  • Large or medium childrens' cast (ages 5-18)

  • Fairytale, fantasy, or Disney characters

  • Whimsical, cautionary, romantic, or comedic themes

  • Lots of singing and dancing

  • Clean language