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Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre

Interior Alaska's leading all-ages musical and theatrical performing arts company

Currently planning our next season...

Our volunteers are working diligently towards a hopeful future for FLOT. 

Successfully putting together high-quality musical productions requires significant resources. As a volunteer-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we are exploring every avenue we can to continue FLOT's 50+ year history as a vibrant and integral contributor to the arts community of Interior Alaska.

We are forever grateful for the determination, perseverance, and incalculable volunteered hours of hard work of those that brought FLOT to 2022. We strive to sustain FLOT's rich and dynamic legacy to 2023 and beyond.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in our organization, fundraising efforts, future productions, etc., should contact the members of the board directly or via email (flotinfo@gmail.com). Thank you.



You heard right! We are opening our doors and ready to take on our next project... to do that we need YOU! 

Follow the instructions below to submit your audition. We look forward to hearing you!

Step 1: Create your audition video!

You can use whatever you'd like to record yourself.

Your video should be a full body shot wearing appropriate clothing that does not distract.

Your video must include:

  • Your Introduction - Tell us who you are

  • Tell us that you are auditioning for FLOT's Open Casting Call for OR tell us the specific role you are auditioning for.

  • Let us know some of your dream roles! This will help us know some of the roles you see yourself in.

  • Sing 1 -2 minutes of TWO contrasting songs that show us your range and vocal ability.

  • Lastly, say a quick thank you and you're all done!

Step 2: Upload your audition video!

How to Upload Your Video to Youtube

Follow these instructions below on how to upload your video to Youtube via your mobile phone or computer.


Step 3: Submit!

Fill out and link your video submission on the Google form below.

Open Casting Call Form

If you don't have a Theatre Resume you can download one below fill it out and attach it to your form submission.

Theatre Resume

Headshots (optional) can be submitted via email (flotinfo@gmail.com). Please include the full name used on your audition form so we can match the two!

Thank you for your support of theatre and the arts! We will be in touch.

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