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Please see our Hunchback of Notre Dame page for more information on upcoming auditions.

 FLOT produces musical theatre shows in various venues in the Fairbanks area.  Are you planning to audition for one of our productions?  Great!  We're looking forward to meeting you.  Here are some things to think about, before you arrive at the audition:


  1. Have you researched the show, i.e., plot, characters, songs, etc.?

  2. Is it a FLOT MAINSTAGE, FLOT AFTER DARK, or FLOT JR. production?

  3. Have you read the audition requirements listed on the show announcement?

  4. Do you want a lead role, supporting role, or chorus (ensemble) part?

  5. Do you know your approximate vocal range, i.e., soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, or bass?

  6. Will you be able to attend all rehearsals and performances, during the entire run of the show?

  7. If you aren't selected for the cast, are you willing to help in other ways, i.e., production crew, building or painting sets, etc.?




The list below will help you prepare for most FLOT auditions.  Individual directors may have additional requirements for the audition, depending on the show.  Please review the individual show announcement for more info.  Click on the SHOWS tab for more info.


1. Prepare 16-24 bars (about 1 minute) of any song that showcases your vocal range.  Bring sheet music for the piece you plan to sing.  You're welcome to bring your own accompanist, or we can provide one for you.  Karaoke/backing tracks are not usually used for auditions.  You need to demonstrate your ability to sing with live accompaniment.


2. Audition songs should be memorized, if possible.

3. Be prepared to run scales with a piano.

4. Be prepared to introduce yourself, read from a script, and be interviewed.

5. Wear loose clothing, in case the director asks you to dance.


Don’t be afraid; our directors will make the audition as painless as possible, and will answer any questions you have. We always want you to have a positive experience, but we want you to be as prepared as possible.


Auditions are usually held at the FLOT Warehouse at 3710 Leasure St., but there are exceptions.  Follow the guidelines on the individual show announcement to confirm dates, times, and locations.  Click on the SHOWS tab for more info.


Directions to the FLOT Warehouse:  From Airport Road, take South Cushman down to Van Horn Rd. Take a left onto Van Horn Rd., just past TDS Tires, then take a right onto Leasure St.  Look for a hand-painted sign on the corner that says “FLOT,” with an arrow pointing to the right.  Go down Leasure St. and look for the second set of warehouses on the right. The FLOT Warehouse is the second set of bay doors with the FLOT logo painted on it.  If it's the weekend, our parking lot will be the only one with lots of cars parked in it.